Project Management

When engaged as Project Manager, Farrell Coyne Projects is responsible for the efficient delivery of the project from ‘project brief stage’ through to its completion including the ‘post construction’ activities. In the delivery process this can involve:

  • Establishment of Project Budget.
  • Preparation of the Project Master Program.
  • Management of the design and authority approval process.
  • Administration and superintendence of the Construction Phase.

To explain our service in detail the life cycle of a project is divided into five stages. The activities identified within each of these stages are vital to the successful completion of any project.

The particular service however is tailored to the project and the Client’s specific requirements.


Project Definition Identification

  • Develop the Project Brief in conjunction with the Client.
  • Define the project’s objectives in accordance with the Client’s Brief.
  • Manage the preparation of elemental budget estimates to establish the project’s budget.
  • Evaluate possible construction delivery options and provide a justified recommendation.
  • Determine and prepare a Master Program for the project.
  • Establish Authority approval requirements for the project.
  • Develop a Risk Management Strategy and assign the risks.


Design and Documentation

  • Prepare the Design Program & ensure design milestones are met.
  • Establish the Consultant Team required & prepare consultant briefs.
  • Tender the consultant work including review and negotiate consultant
    submissions and terms of engagement.
  • Identify and analyse the project risks and respond to the Client in
    accordance with the Risk Management Strategy.
  • Co-ordinate the concept design within the project’s Cost Plan.
  • Provide concept design options and recommendations to the Client.
  • Develop a detailed budget (Cost Plan).
  • Manage the design development in accordance with the approved concept design and co-ordinate design documentation.
  • Present the final scope of works, documents and budgets for approval.


Pre Contract

  • Prepare the draft Construction Contract with the Client’s solicitor as required.
  • Finalise the Master Program for inclusion in the contract tender documents.
  • Secure the Authority approvals.
  • Prepare tender documents and call tenders.
  • Prepare final Contract documents.
  • Assess tenders and make recommendations.
  • Review and evaluate the builder’s construction methodology.
  • Formalise the Contract with the successful Tenderer.


  • Initiate contract administration procedures.
  • Carry out Contract Superintendence.
  • Implement and ensure quality procedures are maintained.
  • Review and monitor the builder’s construction program.
  • Identify potential delays and propose remedial action if
    required to achieve project milestones.
  • Initiate, chair and minute PCG and Site Meetings.
  • Prepare monthly reports.
  • Review and assess Variations to the Contract together
    with the QS.
  • Evaluate any extension of time claims in accordance with
    the Contract and assist to mitigate delays.
  • Initiate defects inspections.
  • Prepare handover schedule for building compliance.
  • Attend all services commissioning with operational staff to
    ensure smooth transition from construction to operation.

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Post Construction

  • Manage the Defects List and administer the Defects
    Liability Period.
  • Settle final account.
  • Settle final consultant fees.
  • Collate Warranties, Manuals, As-Built Drawings and spare materials.
  • Prepare services maintenance contracts after the end of the Defects Liability Period.